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Mechanical Repair & Labor Rates
Belts and hoses - Electrical - Alternators, Starters, lights and wiring Wheel Bearings and Seals - A/C (Cab) - Recharge, Repair, Drive Line - U-Joints, Carrier Bearings - Brakes - Relines, Repairs - Water Pumps - Alignments
Road Call Hourly Labor Rate $102 per hour, $1.50 per mile
Standard Service Rate $89.00
Charging System Check (Alternator & Battery) $49.99
On-Lot Jump Start $41.99
Battery Charge (per 1/2 hour) $33.99
R&R Headlamp $19.99
R&R Trailer Hub Cap $34.99
R&R Trailer Leaf Spring $109.99
Evacuate & Recharge A/C $129.99
Clutch Adjustment - Press Plate Ring Only $39.99
Clutch Adjustment - Ring & Linkage $51.99
R&R Alternator $93.99 to $156.99
R&R Water Pump (motor book time based on engine) $347.99 to $665.97
DOT Annual Inspections - Tractor $56.99
DOT Annual Inspections - Trailer $48.99
DOT Annual Inspections - Tractor & Trailer $97.99
Axle Seal Replacement
Axle Seal Replacement - Labor Only
R&R Axle Hub Seal - Steer Axle $98.99
R&R Axle Hub Seal - Drive Axle $129.99
R&R Axle Hub Seal - Trailer Axle $102.99
Precision Computer Alignments
Alignment Check (No Adjustments) $74.99
Steer Axle Alignment (Toe Only) $109.99
2 Axle Alignment $134.99
3 Axle Alignment $199.99
Trailer Alignment $109.99
Center Steering Wheel $44.99

Quality Brake Replacement At Competitive Prices
Brake Job (1 Wheel) $69.99
Brake Job (1 Axle) $124.99
Brake Job Additional w/ SEALIOB $24.99

Prices subject to change without notice.
*Added value, no charge.
**Plus environmental fee/shop supply fee. State and local taxes are not included. $35.00 additional charge for standard CAT brand filters. $45.00 additional charge for high efficiency CAT brand filters. Prices subject to change without notice. Please note additional charges may be applied for some engine types and name-brand filter applications. Petro Stopping Centers no longer performs manual adjustments on Automatic Slack Adjusters.

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