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Garmin GPS Download

Download Garmin File


Read the basic instructions below carefully and print them for ease of use.

  1. Click on the Download icon above to download the Petro locations files to your computer. You can install any or all of these files onto your GPS device.
  2. Unzip the file you downloaded to your computer. You will see a single file for each brand ending with .GPI. You will also see a garmin_gpi_install.txt file with detailed instructions and a license.txt file of the terms and conditions.
  3. Turn on your Garmin device and attach via a USB connection to your computer.
  4. Click on "My Computer. (PC)" or "Finder (MAC)." Your Garmin will appear as a new drive.
  5. Click on the Garmin drive and find the file folder named "Garmin\POI." This is where you will copy the Petro files you previously unzipped to your computer.  Note: If the POI Folder does not exist within the Garmin directory manually create one by following these steps:
    1. PC:  Within the Explorer window click File on the Menu bar, then New, then Folder. At this point you’ll need to name the new folder POI.
    2. MAC:  Within the Finder window press and hold Ctrl and then click the mouse. Choose New Folder from the pop up window and name the new folder POI.
  6. Copy the file(s) (GPI) to your Garmin device's POI folder.
  7. Wait for the file to finish copying to your device. Make sure it is completely finished copying.
  8. Once you've disconnected your device from your computer, the device will automatically re-start. 
  9. The locations are now visible when you use your Garmin device.

If you experience any issues using your device, please contact the device manufacturer or consult your owner's manual. Remember, with each download, delete the previous version to ensure you have the most recent information at your fingertips.

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